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burbidge farms, grant burbidge
burbidge farms, merino sheep
merino ewes and lambs, burbidge farms
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Burbidge Farms is a family run business which specialises in fine wool production between Tarcutta and Tumbarumba on the South West Slopes of NSW, and at Simpson in South West Victoria, Australia.

The principals are Grant and Annette Burbidge.

Burbidge Farms is a profitable business running a flock of 28,000 fine wool merino sheep on five farms totalling 2,370 ha. 

The farms at Tarcutta have predominantly granite soils, of which 80 percent has been sown to phalaris and sub clover based pastures which provide an average stocking rate of 16 DSE per Ha.  Average rainfall is 800-900 mm.

At Simpson the soils are heavy clay and are being sown to phalaris and clover.  Rainfall is 980mm.

Burbidge Farms has a culture of training a diverse group of younger people to help realise their potential and become more valuable to the wider agricultural industry.  Everyone working in the business is also encouraged to undertake further external training.


Innovation and efficiency have always been key components of Burbidge Farms operations.  The farms have been made available for research by CSIRO, Department of Agriculture and Universities. There is a constant progression of university students undertaking work experience or final year projects through the business.


Burbidge Farms has a philosophy of assisting the agricultural industry to continually change and improve.  This has occurred through direct investment in innovation, production and financial modelling of innovative practices, participation in organisations which instigate change and speaking at seminars.  

merino sheep, burbidge farms
merino sheep, burbidge farms
burbidge farms, working dog
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